bath kit

bath kit


grace + perseverance are things we must work for. finding all the ways to be graceful with ourselves and others and persevere in our careers and personal goals or hardships. sometimes taking a moment to pay tribute to our ability to be free and choose our paths is a simple way to acknowledge our intentions and motivations. this bath kit is meant to aid in just that. a floral bath soak for our bodies, aventurine gem water charged in the sunshine for our essence and vitality, a cedar wood candle to stay grounded, and aventurine stones reminding us of our connection to the earth. 

everyone needs to wind down now and again. taking a hot bath can be the simple way to relax. this kit encourages one to get to a state of simple bliss in your own bathtub. filled with a dose of our floral bath soak, sun charged amethyst gem water for calming, a mini violet candle for soothing, and an amethyst stone for promoting peace and stillness....surround yourself with all these beauties and take it all in. 


the name says it all. self love. something we must practice and remember. this bath kit is meant to inspire taking a moment to say " i love you" to yourself. self care is an important part of our daily routines in our crazy globalized world. shut the door, draw the hot water, and pull out this kit filled with our floral bath soak for our bodies, sun charged rose quartz gem water for love, a geranium candle, and a beautiful rose quartz to open the heart. relax and remind yourself who deserves a little love. 

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