shower drops

shower drops


drop a few drops of these oils into your shower for relief or relaxation! each essential oil is carefully picked to create an experience and/or promote wellness. the body is sensitive and taking moments for self awareness and healing is vital for your natural defenses. 

r e s t o r e - for those hard to breathe moments during a cough, cold, or flu. this combo of essential oils can help restore vitality. you can even apply to the bottom of your feet for a little rebirth during those achy times. 

ingredients : jojoba oil, cinnamon leaf + lavender + eucalyptus + lemon + frankincense + clove + rosemary essential oils

s o o t h e - for relaxation and ease of the mind + body. this combo is great before bedtime or just anytime you want to unwind or rejuvenate the senses. 

ingredients: jojoba oil, violet + lavender + neroli + juniper

made in BK, NY

*not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. not recommended for women that are pregnant/nursing or children.*

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