A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of having my natal chart read from Courtney O’Reilly of VIBRANT SOUL ASTROLOGY. Courtney has been into the shop a few times now to do mini readings, so you may have met her or already worked with her (be sure to sign up for the next one!!). This was my first time having a natal chart done. Courtney had given me a mini reading a few months back at the shop- and I was totally intrigued to learn more.

I have always taken my horoscope with a grain of salt. Relishing when it seemed spot on and brushing it off when I couldn’t relate. But my time with Courtney taught me that astrology is actually math and what work you are willing to accept and implement when the timing is right! I learned so much more about my rising + moon sign, something I have never really dug into, but it helped explain so much more and broadened my perspective outside of just being an aries (my sun sign) and learning more about myself in the process. It all clicked and expanded so much about certain phases of my life and also aspects of my personality. She even mentioned the shop has a horoscope too! I never thought about that. (Something to dive into another time!)

We all know our sun signs and probably have like 5 apps on our phone for horoscopes ( I definitely only have like 3), but have you had your natal chart read? Are you curious to learn a little more about astrology before doing so? Or simply to understand more about your rising + moon signs? I did a little interview with Courtney to find out more about astrology in general for the skeptics or the unfamiliar!


1. how did you discover astrology was your calling?

Honestly, by accident! I had always been astro-curious, but had no idea how complex it all was. A friend had taken a class and was like, "Hey, I really think you would love this" - so I was like, alright, I'm in, let's see what this is about! That was Rebecca Gordon of My Path Astrology's beginner's course. It was all over from there, haha. I couldn't get enough. It was like it had cracked my world WIDE open, no going back. So I signed up for Rebecca's intermediate course, then privately mentored with her. Somewhere in within the intermediate course I was like... huh... I think I'm supposed to DO this. 

2. what is the biggest misconception people have about astrology?

That astrologers are psychics, that we're fortune tellers, that we are making random things up. Also that astrology is a religion. Certainly an astrologer can be a psychic or medium, though it is not necessary to be an astrologer. Astrology is not a religion. It's the study of the planets and how their movements affect our lives here on Earth. Another mentor, Susan Miller, is a devout Catholic. She would argue that god created the universe and gave us the gift of astrology as a tool to help us on our journey. I just love that.

Here's the thing, anyone can learn astrology! It takes dedication and lots of study, as astrology is really all math, then you must learn how to translate the symbology. So, I like to say that we are also translators. We are looking at the way planetary beings are relating to one another mathematically via angles, then translating the symbology into English to make it accessible. Astrology is the study of possibility, we all have free will and get to chose what to do with those possibilities. In this way we are co-creators with the universe.

3. you recently gave me a natal chart reading and we talked about the eclipses and what these can hold for my future in 2019 - but that i need to put the work in too. i thought this was interesting and a really good point - one that people don't often think about what THEY can do. can you elaborate on that a little bit?

Yes! I'm so glad you asked. As I said above, astrology is the study of possibility. We study the current climate to get an idea of where opportunities are ripest, where it's best to place focus, and areas where there may be a challenge you're working through. In this way astrology is such a helpful tool; you get to zoom out to take a look at the big picture - then make more conscious decisions about your trajectory from a place of clarity based on the current climate. It's so important to remember that we have free will. Nothing is written in stone, you are co-creating with the universe with every choice you make. This is happening whether you chose to use astrology or not - so why not utilize this brilliant tool that's available to us?

4. what are the main differences between your sun sign, rising sign, + moon signs?

The three: sun, moon and rising, are the base of our personality from an astrological perspective. Understanding them offers so much insight into our unique operating system. The sun is what everyone knows, right? It's like "what sign are you?" - everyone knows that. What they're really asking is, "where was the sun when you were born". The sun represents our ego, our vitality and how we want to shine in the world. The moon represents the subtler side of ourselves, our emotional processing, what we need to feel nurtured and how we care for others. The ascendant, or rising sign - same thing, is a mathematical point, it's Earth's horizon. So the rising sign is the sign that was coming up on Earth's horizon as you we're born. The rising sign is your perspective on the world around you, the lens through which you view the world. If you read horoscopes, always read for both your sun and your rising sign, you'll get so much more out of them!

5. what is the best advice you have for people when they are reading their horoscopes or charts?

Don't get freaked out. Haha! It's A LOT of information, and there is a lot of garbage on the internet. Seek out a trained astrologer for a reading. It will give you a solid foundation from which to build your understanding and continue learning. In regards to horoscopes - always read for your sun AND rising signs!

6. what do you suggest for someone looking to learn more about astrology or become an astrologer themselves?

Do the work to really learn the math. Don't bypass it. The tedious memorization of the math and all the symbols is the foundation, so if you skip that part you're going to be a weak astrologer. Please don't do that, it's what creates confusion and it's a disservice to the subject and yourself. Once that foundation is laid is where it gets really fun, but most don't realize it's a LOT of learning before you get to the point of offering readings professionally. Find a class, find a mentor, read books; it's a never ending learning process! I love recommending my mentor Rebecca's beginners course (mypathastrology.com), but check out NCGR and ISAR - both offer training programs as well as classes and workshops and likely have a chapter in your area. Happy learning star bbs!


Thank you Courtney! So insightful to learn more about this tool and how we can use it.

Check out Courtney’s website and instagram! And definitely book a reading if you have not done one yet!! or just to get another perspective from a previous natal chart reading.

anne rocchio