CBD- who, what, where, when, how, why

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CBD is hard to ignore these days. it is simply everywhere. from every wellness shop, boutique, restaurant, and hair salon. your mom has started to take it and your dog can get in on it too. it comes in so many forms from lollipops to deodorant. so wtf does it all mean? well, we will try and break it down for you as simply as we can.

first off, let me explain CBD is not a cure all, but simply a powerful plant, like many plants, that help your nervous system. anyone that claims as such is selling you something they shouldn’t. it is still a plant, and a beneficial one at that. it has great anti-inflammatory properties and might help you relax, but like any herbal medicine- you have to pay attention and monitor yourself. look at it as part of the process, not the full on remedy. there is also much research to be done and CBD is blowing up so fast it is hard to keep up with the regulations and even the studies. take things slow and enjoy the process of seeing what it can do for you. the information below is simply a guideline. we aren’t scientists or legal experts- we might be wrong too as we navigate the studies. we research articles, studies, advice from herbalists, and brands. BUT you must do your own research too…and understanding CBD is the first step to being able to navigate the future of it and find the info and help you are seeking.


animals with an endocannabinoid system can benefit from CBD. (click on link to learn more)

CBD can interact with some medications. either enhancing it or the opposite. this has to do with the liver enzymes and the way the body metabolizes medicines. if you are taking any medications consult your doctor before taking CBD.

CBD can affect everyone differently. some say they feel it right away. others claim they feel nothing. for some it might cause more anxiety, others say it takes it away. dosing and quality are going to play a part in all of this!


all CBD is definitely not the same. we highly suggest buying from a brand that is being transparent about where their CBD comes from by providing lab testing. now, learning to read these tests is a whole other thing….but if a brand is providing such they are risking their liability! buying from your local bodega is not suggested. we currently sell LEEF and TONIC CBD. what I love about these brands is they both cultivate their own hemp on their own farms. LEEF in northern California and tonic in upstate New York. find a brand you trust, admire, and know is giving you a quality product.


up until recently, the United States was importing it’s hemp since it was lumped together with marijuana as a schedule 1 drug. though the hemp industry use to be a thriving one in the US. up until recently, your hemp seeds were probably coming from Canada and your hemp rope necklace from 1998 might have been imported from China or Europe. thanks to the new federal farm bill of 2019 hemp is no longer classified as a drug. this new farm bill makes industrial hemp legal in the US to grow and cultivate. lots of good can come out of this for farmers and industry. it is kind of a big deal it is now LEGAL, i think anyway !

yet, there are still some issues in this ever changing legal environment surrounding hemp. NYC is cracking down on the use of CBD oils in food and beverage in restaurants and cafes. this is due (from what i have read) to lack of transparency on packaging and the information available to the consumer. if you order a coffee with CBD in it, you aren’t exactly getting any info on what kind of CBD they put in there or how much- basically the consumer has no control. there are several reports from around the country as well from consumers to retail shops getting in trouble. do your research for your area!!!! until these laws get straightened out there will be a lot of gray area.


well, that is up to you! experiment with timing. 30 minutes to an hour before bed for sleep. i can take it in the afternoon and still benefit from a deeper sleep. CBD is helping you reach homeostasis, so depending on how your body metabolizes it will depend on when you need to take it. some say everyday for about a month, others say only as needed. i believe this is something that is a personal preference and might not be enough research on it yet to fully understand.


how you take CBD can make a difference. bioavailability is a big topic now. not only does your body process the different forms depending on how you take it, all CBD is also not created the same. some tests are now revealing some products on the market hardly has any CBD in it at all. remember when we said find a brand you trust- yeah. that’s why! full spectrum is also the sure way to go. research shows CBD works better in conjunction with other cannabinoids, terpenes, fatty acids, and nutrients also present in the hemp and marijuana plant. there is a lot of info out there as well claiming you need the THC as well, but if you don’t live in a state where THC is legal- hemp derivced CBD is what we get. hemp naturally only has .3 % THC- the legal limit.

below we are breaking down the different forms of using CBD and how it might help you.

  1. EATING. this includes gummies, candies, drinks, cookies, honey, olive oil, capsules etc. eating CBD is going to pass through the digestive system and then through the liver. this can reduce the amount of CBD present in the bloodstream. some research says it can have longer lasting effects though. other research points to taking with fatty acids to help with absorption., which is why tinctures are mixed with things like coconut oil, hemp oil, or suggest taking with food.

  2. SUBLINGUAL/UNDER THE TONGUE. the suggested way to get it into the bloodstream with possibly higher bioavailability. the mucous membrane under the tongue absorbs the CBD bypassing the digestive system getting into your bloodstream faster. the enzymes in your mouth being the only bypass for the CBD.

  3. VAPING: vaping is a sure fast way to get CBD into your system. but this too has it’s issues. not all vape pens , vape oils, and CBD are created the same. regulations on these are poor, think about the issues with JEWELS. vaping can also be more potent therefore resulting in some side effects you might not want. again, make sure the brand you buy is safe and transparent. and start with small puffs.

  4. TOPICAL : applying CBD topically is great for pain, inflammation, acne, and skin. when applying topically the cannabinoids do not reach your bloodstream, but can help decrease pain and other ailments on the skin. CBN + CBD are more permeable to the skin. it is suggested to apply liberally and the CBD attaches to the CB2 receptors near the skin.

  5. SMOKING: smoking hemp is now a thing. some say it will just give you a headache, especially those in states where marijuana is legal (haha!). others love the relaxing effects. again a personal story.


why should you take CBD? once again…. a personal question. there are many possible claims of benefit. inflammation, anxiety, pain, appetite, immunity. anything relaying to the central nervous system is possibly set up to benefit from CBD. but again, remember it is up to you and maybe your doctor to figure out why you should or shouldn’t take it. CBD won’t hurt you. But until more regulations pop up and more research is conducted, we are on our own. there are tons of articles out there. i’ve read a lot of them. i’ve researched what herbalists, brands, blogs, and laws are stating and claiming. i have read and heard contradictory claims and some in line with one another. finding a balance for you and understanding yourself is your best bet!

the brands we carry in the shop are brands we believe in. they have a story behind their product, are transparent about what they are selling, sourcing, and we are a big fan of female run brands too !

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