third eye pillow

third eye pillow

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Each Eye Pillow is made from a soft 100% Organic Cotton and has been hand dyed with Eco Friendly color to represent the Third Eye Chakra. Because of this extensive dye process, each pillow is one of a kind.

Healing Properties: Each Pillow comes with an Amethyst crystal inside. Amethyst is known for healing, balancing and helps the flow of energy when the 6th chakra is imbalanced.

Whats inside: Every Pillow is filled with cooling 100% Raw Whole Flaxseeds. Flaxseeds are 100% gluten free and come from the US. I also offer scented pillows as well. I use Locally grown dried Lavender buds and dried crushed Eucalyptus leaves as well as a few drops of essential oil to help prolong the life of the scent.

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