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Join us for a candle-lit evening of sound meditation + rose ceremony. Receive the heart-opening and uplifting benefits of rose, served in ceremony by herbalist and meditation teacher, Catrina Armendariz. You'll be introduced to a few varieties and forms of rose, including Rose damascena, which is composed of essential oils (aromatic + medicinal + volatile compounds) measured to have the highest frequency of all botanical oils. We'll follow our rose ceremony with a sensuous flow of overtone emitting instruments and vocals by Paraguayan sound-artist and yogini, Maraliz Campos.


8:15pm - 8:30pm Doors open
8:30pm - 9:00pm Doors close. Rose Ceremony with Catrina Armendariz
9:00pm - 9:30pm Sound Meditation by candlelight led by Maraliz Campos
9:30pm - 10:00pm After journey


Sit back and engage in a balancing sound experience with overtone emitting instruments, selectively curated electronic frequencies, Himalayan/crystal singing bowls, Biosonic tuning forks, chimes, Peruvian seed shells, Indonesian rattles, overtone singing, and vocal improvisation.


Maraliz is a Paraguayan-American sonic teaching artist. She spent the last 22-years immersed in the powerful impact of sound and music. Offering workshops and weekly classes in New York and on tour, she guides her students through increased self-awareness, yoga therapeutics, meditation, and sound vibrations using her kinesthetic approach to instruction. Mindfulness practices saturate every class she teaches. Her previous work with refugees and abused women/children informs her interactions with each student.


Catrina is a Samoan-Mexican integrative herbalist and meditation teacher, she also doubles as the Founder of Hereness. Her work is informed by a unique blend of Eastern, Western and Shamanic traditions and techniques that have permeated her practice for over 20 years. Sensuality, or our connection to self (and to eachother) through our senses, is a thread that runs through her teachings. Tea Ceremony is a practice she enjoys sharing from the heart.


We're serving organic and wildcrafted rose petals brewed in freshly gathered spring water, from upstate New York. 

Roses, an ancient symbol of love and beauty across a multitide of ancient civilizations, have been used for thousands of years in ceremony. They're the perfect symbol of light and dark, of the dramatic tension that threads through the course of our lives and grounds us into our physical experience, especially in romance. 

They are harvested at dawn, when darkness is transforming into light. In Vedic philosophy, this time of day is refered to as Brahma Mahurta, "God's favorite time". In this ambrosial moment, and auspicious window of transformation, we can access, diurnally, the cosmological influences that suport wisdom and awakening.

Get ready to knock your socks off, sit cozily with a steaming bowl of rose petals, be showered in rose water, and sip generously while we silently drop into an intimate meditation that engages sight, sound, movement, taste, feels, all of it.

Earlier Event: December 5
Later Event: December 8