Period Pain Tonic

Period Pain Tonic

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Pain Tonic combines clinically-researched nutrition with organic herbs to help alleviate the symptoms of dysmenorrhea (period pain).* All its healing ingredients are brewed in organic apple cider vinegar, creating an easy-to-use liquid formula that can be added to tea or water.

Nearly 90% of Pain Tonic users report experiencing fewer and less-severe cramps. We believe it’s the most effective non-drug cramp solution on the market.*

Take a dose of Pain Tonic by adding 5mL (6 full droppers) into a cup of water or your favorite tea.

Dose one to two times per day during days of cramping. Ideally, take the first dose the day before you expect cramps to begin. If your cramps are unpredictable, simply start dosing at the first sign of pain. Pain Tonic starts working within 30 minutes of dosing.

A single bottle contains 6 doses and will last one or two cycles depending on the severity of your symptoms.

Vitamins B1, B6, and B12 are key players in muscle contraction, nerve signaling, and hormonal regulation. Research shows they can help address a range of period symptoms and help restore important nutrition lost in menstrual blood.*

Iodine is highly concentrated in the ovaries and breasts. Clinical research shows it may help reduce breast pain and tenderness.*

Magnesium is a muscle relaxer. Studies show it may help calm the muscles in the uterus that, when tightened, cause period pain.* It may help soothe other painful areas, too, like sore thighs, back pain, and headaches.*

Zinc’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties may help boost blood flow to the uterus, preventing the cut-off of oxygen to uterine muscles and the painful cramps that follow.*

Ginger may inhibit the inflammatory compounds that cause period pain in the first place.* Multiple studies conclude that ginger is as effective at reducing period pain as conventional painkillers like ibuprofen, but with fewer side effects.*

Calendula flowers are commonly known as marigolds. Backed by ancient wisdom and modern science, pain researchers think calendula’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties are responsible for its ability to ease cramps in the uterus.*

Dong quai contains a number of compounds thought to promote antispasmodic activity.* Studies show it can help the uterus relax and contract in a normal, rhythmic fashion, helping to regulate flow and shed the uterine lining comfortably.*

Cramp Bark contains natural phytochemicals scopoletin and viopudial. Research suggests scopoletin can ease even electrically-induced muscle spasms, and viopudial may block enzymes that cause uterine cramps.*

Motherwort is an anti-inflammatory member of the mint family. Studies suggests motherwort’s potent antioxidants can quench prostaglandins--problematic inflammatory markers that accumulate in the uterus and cause period cramps.*

Fenugreek is one of the oldest known herbal medicines. It’s still used all over the world for all sorts of menstrual difficulties, like relieving cramping, controlling flow, and regulating cycle timing.*

Apple Cider Vinegar is the extraction agent for our herbal blend. We chose it as an all-natural alternative to chemical preservatives and glycerin or alcohol-based extraction agents. It’s also rich in polyphenols—bioactive substances that act as antioxidants.

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