maribeth helen zines

maribeth helen zines


self care in uncertain times- a 28-page introduction to navigating daily self care through stories, herbal wisdom, recipes and suggestions for deeper connection and self love in our modern world.

practices in listening- practices, poems, permission to remember our bodies right here on earth. this zine is a collection of 32 prompts, practices, and suggestions from my personal experience of navigating my way back to the wisdom of my body in connection to the wisdom of this earth that holds us. they are inspired by many different forms of listening

your wise body- herbal wisdom, stories, and poems that I wrote during the last months of my saturn return while moving across the country and navigating a coming home to my body with the guidance of three special herbal allies. it's about being tender and learning to love and let go and about holding my body, my grief, my heart and knowing the wisdom that resides in these spaces.

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