sydney boyle poetry books

sydney boyle poetry books




The first publication. 

"there's a typo on page 70." - my first customer.

"wow, that was a lot of feelings." - someone else.

"I read it and cried. I needed that." - most people who've talked to me about it.


the second publication.

"It was pretty good." - my friend.

"It was a heart wrenching emotional experience." - a stranger I met.


The third publication.

"Not that the first two weren't good, but this one is definitely the best." - my roommate.

"I loved 'one.' and 'more.,' but I have to be honest 'heavy.' just wasn't that good. It wasn't good at all." - a man at a bar.


The fourth publication.

I read it out loud to my friend and she welled up with tears a few times and said it was great so idk. Go with your gut on this one.

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