perfume intention oils

perfume intention oils

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create : neroli + ylang ylang + bergamot essentail oils infused with jojoba oil influence creative intensions, enhance relaxation and positivity. neroli can elevate the mood and reduce anxiety while aiding in self expression of emotions.  bergamot also reduces anxiety and stress. ylang ylang keeps mental energy flowing.

moon cycle : the female moon cycle brings on stress and heightened emotions. this oil is a combo of clary sage + lavender + frankincense + juniper essential oils infused with jojoba oil.  lavender for contentment, clary sage for self-awareness, frankincense for concentration + positivity, and juniper berry for peace and tension.

day : a simple combination of grapefruit + lime essential oils infused with jojoba oil. the aroma of lime uplifts the spirit, while white grapefruit stimulates alertness. both oils fight off depression. a great scent for the daytime.

night : a soothing blend of lavender + juniper + neroli essential oils. lavenders is well known for it's relaxation properties. while neroli inspires peace and reseltfulness. juniper reduces stress and tension.

man oil : this scent meant for the masculine side, is also very popular amongst the ladies. a combo of clary sage + frankincense + sandalwood + ylang ylang. the combo is set out to boost confidence and assertiveness with a scent leaning towards rustic aromas.

third eye : is the center of clarity and intuition. this oil meant to balance and open this chakra with an earthy aroma of angelica essential oil, patchouli, and marjoram. promoting expansion and awareness within our consciousness to be able to see ourselves and our reactions to the world. angelica aids in letting go of the past to open ourselves up to seeing the bigger picture of the future. use during meditation, yoga, or doing the dishes!

10 ml     made in BK / NY     VEGAN 

ingredients: jojoba oil, angelica + patchouli + marjoram essential oil


10ml bottle    made in BK / NY    VEGAN

to use: roll onto pressure points and inhale.

use caution when using essential oils on your skin and begin with a test patch.

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