CORPUR RITUAL herbal tinctures

CORPUR RITUAL herbal tinctures


GIVE LESS SHITS - If this elixir was a person, it would be Tori Amos. It's a spread-eagle at the piano, yelling at all the christian boys and jesus, taking to the sky with a sword in your hand kind of blend. It's unapologetic; it's for the days you just need to not give a fuck so you can move about the world and get things done and not worry about who is watching. 

To get a bit more direct: it’s soothing. It’s nourishing (thanks oat tops!). It’s restorative. It’s floral and sweet and strong. Packed with the adaptogen schizandra , this blend will help level out the nervous system on those days where you just need to put on your badass cloak so you can get back to the business of being your bright self in the world. It takes care of those fried nerves and edges and the rose supports your work in giving a little love back to yourself.

1oz. Ingredients: rose, lavender, oat tops, schizandra, organic raw honey and brandy. 

KAVA KAVA ROSE - Kava Kava + Rose Elixir is for when you need to bust through blocks in order to be creative. It's for the days that you are overworked or anxious or fearful but still want or need to connect creatively. It's great for tension, especially muscle tension, especially when its the product of emotional stress. It's slightly mind-altering but is not a sedative. Rather, it helps you unwind.

Ingredients: kava kava, rose, & vodka 1oz.

ELDERBERRY + GINGER - When you feel a cold coming on, Elderberry + Ginger elixir is for sure your friend. It's also great for boosting your immune system on the daily, and helps keep colds and flus away. It’s anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-inflamatory, helps swollen sinuses, increases sweating to sweat through the illness, is a diuretic, and offers laxative support. Ginger adds a little heat to the blend and is also supportive of a healthy immune system and digestion.

Ingredients: elderberry, ginger, reishi, echinacea, brandy and raw organic honey 1oz.

TRAUMA HEART HEAL- An elixir is a brew of herbs, honey and alcohol. Packs a punch but also is sweet. 

This elixir is so power(full) for healing from the times that bend and break us. It supports the process of loss and grief while allowing us to open into love: love for ourselves and our communities. Perfect for honoring and holding all the heartbreaks. 

It's also lovely for the busy busy busy of those of us hustling in cities and through our lives. Cooling and calming, it allows us to center, reset and stay open in the world even when it feels increasingly hard to do so and keeps anxiety and stressful feelings at bay.

Ingredients: rose, hawthorn, motherwort, carnelian and rose quartz crystal essences, organic raw honey and brandy.

ALLER EASE - Allergies getting you down? Allow these plant friends to support you by reducing or eliminating the allergic symptoms and building up your immune system. It’s an anti-inflammatory blend that relieves symptoms of itchy, watery eyes, sneezing and runny nose and also has a trillion nutrients: Vitamin A, various B Vitamins (including B-1, B-2, B-3, and B-5), Vitamin C, amino acids, calcium, fatty acids, folic acid, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, and potassium. Reishi contains steroid-like anti-inflammatory compounds that inhibit inflammation and histamine and is also so soothing to the nervous system and with longterm use, people notice an overall more peaceful feeling. Mullein helps soothe raw and scratchy throats. Overall this blend truly can help ease seasonal and animal allergies alike.

Ingredients: nettle, reishi, red clover, mullein, & vodka 1oz.

CLEAR HEAD- Clear Head Elixir is great grounding blend for the headache-y, foggy headed days where you feel a little overstimulated and a little unfocused. Perfect to use when you need a little brain food before anything where you need to feel alert and rooted in of clarity of thought.

Ingredients: tulsi, brahi, sage, rhodiola, brandy and raw organic honey 1oz.

SWEET RELEASE- Sweet Release is a favorite! Full of nervines, this blend is perfect for the moments where you need to settle, soothe and support a nervous system on overdrive, whether it's with racing thoughts, frazzled nerves or insomnia. A bit sedating, it is best to take right before sleep or when you have a moment to relax into it and take it easy. And it's also great for those times where you have physical pain that keeps you awake, head and heart-racing.  

Passionflower is helpful when trying to ease the repetitive and racing thoughts that sometimes come with anxious states. 

Skullcap is so useful for the headaches that come with tension and anxiety as well as other types of pain.

And California Poppy is great for calming the nervous system but is also lovely for nerve and general (even acute) pain.

Ingredients: skullcap, passionflower, california poppy and vodka 1oz.


All herbs are either locally and ethically hand-collected or come from an organic herb company or farm.

(not for use during pregnancy. herbs are safe but please do research to make sure they are safe for you and your body and needs.)

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA. 

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