Paavani Copper Tongue Cleaner

Paavani Copper Tongue Cleaner


Tongue Cleaning is the daily Ayurvedic ritual of gently scraping unwanted toxins & residue off of the tongue. This practice eliminates the bacteria which causes bad breath, draws ama (toxins) out of the body & improves digestion by stimulating the taste buds. Experience the ultimate oral hygiene tool!

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DIRECTIONS: This daily ritual is best done first thing in the morning, prior to eating or drinking. 

Hold the tongue cleaner on either side. Extend the tongue out of the mouth & inspect for a coating. Place the tongue cleaner towards the back of the tongue & gently scrape the ama or film forward & out of the mouth. Wash the ama off of the tongue cleaner & repeat until the tongue is clean. Follow with PAAVANI Oil Pulling Oil.

Made in India